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VBiotic is a high-potency probiotic and plusbiotic capsule formulated to support the growth of your intestinal mucosa with specialized nutrients for optimal gut health.


​Believe it or not, a major factor in our overall wellness is the state of our gut health. To be more specific, a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria, or flora in our intestines. A healthy gut is in part responsible for:

  • enhanced immune response
  • encouraging normal bowel movements
  • good upper respiratory health
  • offsetting effects of antibiotics such as diarrhea
  • good oral health
  • vitamin K production
  • detoxifying the colon

and more.

Probiotics vs Prebiotics


An overabundance of bad bacteria in our body can cause health problems such as digestive issues, allergies, mental health problems, and obesity. Probiotics are live microorganisms like the ones found naturally in our body. They are good bacteria that help counter the negative effects of the bad bacteria. Probiotics can be found fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and aged cheeses and can also be taken as a supplement.

Not all fermented foods contain probiotics, however. Processing of certain foods by pasteurization or baking kills the live cultures within the food. If you're trying to include probiotics in your diet from food, it is important to read the label to confirm whether or not a particular food does in fact contain probiotics.


Prebiotics can be thought of as food for probiotics which help to increase the number of and sustain the live probiotic cultures. Prebiotics are usually high-fiber foods such as whole wheat, bananas, and apple skins.

Combining prebiotics with probiotics works synergistically to provide optimum benefits offered by good bacteria. These prebiotic and probiotic combinations are known as synbiotics.

Probiotics and prebiotics are important, but they do not address the root problem of repairing intestinal mucosa.

Plusbiotics: A Better Way To Gut Health

A lot of the foods we eat have been made utilizing genetically modified crops (GMO) and toxic chemicals. This causes in harmful residues like glyphosphate and results in an imbalance of microflora and damaged intestinal mucosa (the lining of the intestinal tract) which is not capable of absorbing vital nutrients our body needs.

V​biotic not only contains beneficial probiotics and prebiotics, but also contains PrebioSure®, a plusbiotic which helps repair the damage caused by years of ingesting non-organic foods by supporting the regrowth of the intestinal mucosa. PrebioSure is clinically proven to enable the reconstruction of this lining in our intestines to allow better absorption of macro-, micro- and trace elements. (1).

Vbiotic: A Complete Gut Health Solution

​Rejuvenates Good Bacteria

​Rejuvenates and activates beneficial bacteria and microflora in your digestive system.*

​Helps Absorption Of Nutrients

​Aids in the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals by supporting the regrowth of intestinal mucosa.*

​Supports Immune System

​Supports your immune and digestive systems for peak performance.*

​Detoxifies The Colon

​Activates digestive enzymes and detoxifies your colon*

The billions of live cultures found in VBiotic are released in the intestinal tract to aid in weight management support, immune stabilization, and efficient food-to-energy conversion. The delayed release veggie capsules help ensure the active cultures bypass damaging stomach acids and reach the large and small intestines where it is most effective.

​Give Your Gut What It Needs

​Don't neglect your gut health! Keeping a balanced gut is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and wellness.

​Make Vfinity's Vbiotic a part of your gut health arsenal with ​PrebioSure™ plusbiotics to help facilitate the repair of damaged mucosa plus all the other benefits of a first class probiotic.

  • Support the re-gro​wth of intestinal mucosa*
  • Rejuvenate beneficial bacteria*
  • Support your immune system*
  • Detoxify your colon*

​$50.00 + shipping & tax - 30 capsules

​​*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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